Who really am I ??|Midnight struggles..

Hi y’all! How’re you doing? How’s life going? I really hope everything is going okay with y’all. For me, I’ve been alright but I’ve been really stressed, not gonna lie. There’s so much happening in Africa currently and it’s all just so sad and angering. Sigh! Let’s just get into today’s post.

This post is really special because it was not planned. It’s completely spontaneous and it feels really good to write something without first planning it. Also, I wrote this post with my phone. This is something I’ve never really tried before and it feels good. To be honest, I think this post is the realest I’ve ever been on this blog. Let’s get into it:)

So, I have two sisters. They’re really amazing people and I really really love them. My sisters are blessings from God and I really thank God for their lives. I just pray that God continues to be with them and guides them through life in Jesus name. Amen!

Anyway, the night before, I just felt the need or the push to ask my youngest sister a question. She’s very smart, by the way. I asked her, “what’s one advice you would give me as you’re seeing me live my life?” I really don’t know why I asked her this particular question. I just felt led by the Holy Spirit to ask this particular question. Thanks to the Holy Spirit because my sister’s answer to this question really opened my eyes.

Well, she told me that I should be very careful with my future, regarding the profession I want to go into. I was confused and I asked her to tell me more. She then said that the reason why she gave that answer is so that I don’t end up having a future full of regret. I was really wowed because this is something I have been struggling with and I’ve been asking the Holy Spirit for help about.

I’ve been thinking about my future a lot. Trying to figure out what profession I really want to go into and what I want to study regarding education. I’ve been really confused and really lost because there is just so much going through my head regarding this topic.

One of those things going through my head is the words of my parents and their friends. From when I was very young, I’ve always been advised by my parents and their friends to go into medicine. It has gotten really annoying at this point but I totally understand them. They’re just really concerned about me and this is one of the many ways they’re showing that they love me. I understand that they want me to be totally secured in the future by getting into an amazing profession like “medicine ”. While I totally understand them, I can’t ignore myself. What about my own happiness and fulfillment? My parents don’t seem to think about that; I feel like they think that when money is there, all is well.

It is well sha. Thank God for revealing what He revealed to me through my sister. Things are a little clearer now. I’m just doing more research on different things and I keep communicating with God, asking Him for more help and guidance. A Bible verse that’s coming to my head right now and has been keeping me going is Psalm 46 vs 5a, “For God is within her, she will not fall”. God is with and within me, so I’m secured and I have nothing to worry about.

P.s. remember our talk on positivity😉(always try to be positive in every situation, whether bad, good, ugly, exciting, everything).

That’s all for today y’all. What are your thoughts and questions about today’s post? Do you also struggle with trying to know what you want to do in the future? Do you also have parents like mine? Tell me in the comments.

This is my most recent poem. I just think it kinda relates to what today’s blogpost is about. 🤗