A little less(a poem)

I talk to myself a lot

Constantly lost in the fullness of my own being

Sometimes when I’m in a room full of people,

I’m really in my head full of voices.

I talk to myself a lot

Because I can’t talk to others

I’ve tried and tried

This friendship thing but it never works

Maybe I’m better off just being friends with myself

Lost in the false reality I create in my head.

Hi everyone! Happy new month! How’re you doing?! I really hope you’re doing okay!

Here’s a poem from me to start off the new month! I’ll see you in my next post:))


*don’t that God loves you forever and that you should always be very kind to yourself!

Leaving you with this today🤍🌻

I am weird..(a poem)

Sometimes, I find it so difficult to sleep

And it’s not insomnia,

It’s those voices that are always so loud in my head

Those voices that tell me different things

That I know are not true but a part of me strongly wants to believe

I am so confused and always in a state of disorientation,

I am so lost and always feeling in my heart, adriftness

Sometimes, I also feel very strange living in this turbulent world;

And I sometime wonder if I’m truly human

Yes, I know I’m pretty weird but it’s just that I cannot control it

I am trying; trying so hard but

My hands are tied and my eyes are covered

I am so lost in this state of bewilderment..

Hii!! Welcome to December! How’re you doing? I really hope you’re all doing okay🙂🤍

I thought to start December off with a poem.. Leave a comment and let me know your interpretations of this poem.

This photo just seemed so nice.. bye y’all 🙃

Love you all always 🤗🤗