Where do I really want to be| my “obsession” with Lagos?

Hi y’all! How’re you doing? I really hope y’all are doing fine. For me, I’m okay, really. I’m just living, you know. It’s thanksgiving season though and there’s so much to be thankful for, all thanks to God. Alright, let’s move on..

So just one word, LAGOS!! Man, I can almost say that I’m in love with Nigeria, Lagos especially. Honestly, I have been looked at somehow and I’ve been abused/ridiculed because of how much I love Lagos or let’s just say Nigeria. People call me stupid and weird because I tell them that I’d rather be in Nigeria than be in America. They say that I’m not appreciative and that I don’t know a good thing. Well, I’m not really offended or bothered because I totally understand where they’re coming from.

You know, America is supposed to be our dream and our goal that we are supposed to work so freaking hard to achieve. This is really a backward way of thinking if you’d ask me. A lot of people don’t appreciate the country that they’re born into because it’s not America. Before anybody comes for me, yes I know that America might seem better than our home country but really, it’s all the same. America is just better packaged.

It’s really sad that people almost worship and glorify America. You see people that literally don’t try and work hard in the country that they are born in because they think America is really where they are supposed to be. Another disclaimer here, Yes, I know that there are a lot of people work so so hard in their home country but their efforts are always wasted because of how damaged their country is but you don’t stop trying though. Keep trying and keep doing your best and the Lord will bless the work of your hands. Amen!

Honestly, there’s really nothing special about America, we’ve just been made to believe that. Yes, I know America is nice and it’s full of “opportunities” but have you tried exploring where you are to discover the opportunities available to you there?? See, there are opportunities in every country, you just have to be wise with it and don’t give up; you have to keep searching. The thing is that a lot of people sef don’t try to make do with what they have and use it to their advantage. For real!

I never knew that some things were possible or even available in Nigeria because I never searched or even tried to explore my surroundings for different opportunities. I was always so jealous of Americans because I didn’t know that I could do so many things there in Nigeria. Nigeria is full of different people doing different amazing things, so just search and do your research and I know you’ll find something. This is not only for Nigeria though, it’s for everywhere. Opportunities are all around you, you just need to snatch them one by one!

Alright, let’s get back to Lagos now. Lagos is a really really amazing place. It’s really sad how people tend to focus on all the negative parts of a place to even know that they’re a lot of positive parts to that place. Yes, believe it or not, even though Lagos has a ton of negative parts, there are still a ton of positive parts. Before I go on about Lagos, let me show y’all some pictures. These pictures are why people hate on me when I say that I want to move to Lagos.

Image number one. This is Makoko, a town built on water. I guess I put this picture because one of the reasons why people attack me is because they say the living conditions in Lagos are not the best. Yeah yeah but Lagos also has some of the best architectural buildings in Africa.
Image number two. Just focus on how much people there are in this photo; overpopulation is also why people attack me for liking Lagos. Lagos just like New York is overpopulated..

Let’s continue.. So, people don’t like Lagos because firstly, it’s not America🙄; secondly, it’s overcrowded; thirdly, it’s stressful and overwhelming. I understand that all of these are valid reasons, well except the first one. Lagos is overpopulated and there are so many different kinds of people there but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad place. Also, Lagos life can be stressful and overwhelming because everyone in Lagos is looking for ways to make a living. Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world and most of these people are in Lagos. They’re in Lagos because Lagos is the place where a lot of opportunities are. People go to Lagos to make a life for themselves and all, so there are different types of people there. Man, if you’re not wise, you really can’t live in Lagos o because you’ll become so frustrated but let’s just leave that aside for now(I’ll talk about this in another post..).

So why am I so interested in Lagos? Why is Lagos where I really want to be? To me, Lagos is a source of motivation and Lagos is very inspiring. People intrigue me, so where’s the best place for people-watching if not Lagos. I just have this feeling inside of me that Lagos is where I would truly feel peace; like it’s where I’m supposed to be. I’m really not moved by America and all it’s fancy stuff; it’s nice but I really feel like I don’t belong here. Also, I really love the life in Lagos, the hustle and bustle, the persistence and zeal of the people, the beauty of the city that never sleeps. By the way, Lagos really means a lot to me. So, no Lagos slander is accepted on this blog. Also, I won’t say that I’m obsessed with Lagos, I’m just intrigued and fascinated by it.

That’s all for today y’all. Where is that place you really want to be? Where is that country, city, or state that you want to live in and you know that you would be at peace there? Let me know in the comments!

.p.s. I might end up not moving to Lagos but move to Ibadan instead . I don’t know yet sha..

The different categories of love that are never talked about..

Hi y’all! How are you doing? I really really hope y’all are doing okay.. If not, I pray that God will visit you and improve your situation. Amen! As for me, I am just living; nothing too much going on. Although, it’s being a roller coaster of emotions, I am still my very positive self because I know that God has my back:) Let’s get into today’s post.

Not gonna lie, this post is a product of my thoughts; just think of it like I am thinking out loud.

So, I was thinking about love; I am always thinking about this because it is just so intriguing and interesting to examine this deep connection between people. Like, love brings people together, it connects people, and it kinda changes how people act; it’s all so fascinating and it’s something I have been studying and trying to understand. I still don’t get the mushy mushy part but at least I am getting some understanding about the whole concept of love;)

Anyway, I was thinking about how sometimes we think that someone truly loves us but it’s not “true love”, it just falls under a category or type of love. Alright, let me really explain it. I actually think that love has categories; like, someone can be truly in love with you for you, someone can be in love with you because the things you do fascinate them, someone can be in love with you because you fulfill their fantasies, someone can be in love with you because you seem like the type of person they want to be themselves. All I am saying is that sometimes you mistake other types of feelings and emotions for true love; I mean this feelings and emotions can fall under love but they are not true, real love itself.

For real, I feel like people don’t think about this enough. Sometimes, we like someone and this blinds our eyes, we then think that they truly love us for us but that’s not the case, they probably just love you for the things you do or the type of person you are.

I really feel like people should love one another for who they are and not because you are hung up on something about them. Trust me, I understand that it’s human nature and it will probably still happen but just be very careful and mindful. Also, sometimes, we need to be awake and really think and also be very careful not to pour out all your love on somebody who is not truly in love with you(I know this is probably easier said than done😅). Just be very careful anyway because heartbreak is not something nice…

I am speaking about this because this is something that I have been through a lot. Like, sometimes I think I really like someone but then I figure out that I don’t like them for who they are, I just like something about them or the type of character they project out to the world. Yes really!!

Realizing what type of love you have for someone is really important because no one really deserves to be led on or be used.


So, I think it’s really important to know how you truly feel about someone before you start broadcasting it(your feelings) to that person. I mean, it’s better to be cautious and not just get into a relationship that then falls apart because of the type of love or the category in fact, y’all have for each other.

Anyway, like I said earlier, this is just a product of my thoughts. Y’all might not agree and that’s completely fine:) In fact, I want to know what y’all think, so please leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions.

Before I go, I just want y’all to know that my first book review will be posted very soon. I have been working on it for a very long time but it’s finally going to be out very very soon, thank God). Thank you for your patience. Bye y’all.

Love you all always(p.s. my love for y’all is true and pure love;))

Okay, I couldn’t just leave y’all without a picture. This picture seemed so relaxing. Bye now!