A little less(a poem)

I talk to myself a lot

Constantly lost in the fullness of my own being

Sometimes when I’m in a room full of people,

I’m really in my head full of voices.

I talk to myself a lot

Because I can’t talk to others

I’ve tried and tried

This friendship thing but it never works

Maybe I’m better off just being friends with myself

Lost in the false reality I create in my head.

Hi everyone! Happy new month! How’re you doing?! I really hope you’re doing okay!

Here’s a poem from me to start off the new month! I’ll see you in my next post:))


*don’t that God loves you forever and that you should always be very kind to yourself!

Leaving you with this today🤍🌻

Girl with the yellow dress(a poem)

Yellow was the dress she wore

Yellow which represents joy and so much more

She was so bright and not a bore

She said two words to me or maybe four

She stayed until all I saw was just a blur

Yellow really was the dress she wore.

hi! How are you? I really hope you are doing ok!

I don’t even know what this post is, I just wanted to write something; this was the only thing that came out. Thank you for reading either way.


*don’t forget that God loves you forever.

Beautiful Boy(a poem)

My beautiful beautiful boy

My boy with eyes so brown, they remind me of earth, of life, of hope, of being

My boy with hair so curly, they remind me of waves, of water, of joy, of freedom

My boy with very sad eyes and very thin body

My boy who is so lost and helpless

My boy who is too sick, tired, and in pain

My boy who I try to help but can’t

My boy that brings a smile to my face every time he smiles

My boy who rarely smiles these days and holds so much pain in his eyes

My boy who pushes me away because he doesn’t know he needs help

My beautiful boy who is alive but has been dead for a while now

My beautiful beautiful boy who I don’t know how to help anymore.

hi! How’re you? I hope you’re doing okay! If you’re not, I pray that God will calm you and visit you. Amen!

Here’s another poem from me because why not!

I’ll see y’all later. Thank you for reading!

bye once again.

*don’t forget that God loves you forever and that whatever you’re going through right now, with God by your side always, you’ll get through it.

Poetry(a poem)

Poetry is more than ink on paper

It’s more than complex words and simple meanings

It’s the wool that wraps around me in the cold

It’s the tears that warm up my eyes in the dark

It’s the smile I hold back when I laugh

It’s the love that doesn’t feel draining

It’s the socks that keep my feet warm at night

It’s the bitterness in the coffee that I punish myself with

It’s the eyes that look back at me in the mirror

It’s the voices that seem deafening in my head

It’s the choices that I have to make

It’s the feelings I don’t want to feel

It’s the song that keeps playing over and over in my head

It’s the monsters that I feel under my bed

It’s the thoughts I don’t want to think

It’s the anger that I suppress down with a laugh

It’s the sadness I wash away with wine

It’s the eye bags that never leave my face

It’s the stripes that mark my body

It’s the scars imprinted in my being

It’s the folds that form when I’m me

It’s the good and bad and all in between

It’s the escape that reality is afraid of

Surely, poetry is more than ink on paper

It’s more than complex words and simple meanings.

Hi! How’re you?? I really hope you’re doing alright!

I just wanted to write something and that’s it. Thanks for reading..

byee y’all

*don’t forget that God loves you forever and that you’re strong, beautiful, talented, and all the good things in the world.

Sometimes, I feel so scared and guilty to be happy and you might feel it too..

hi y’all! How are you doing? I really hope you’re doing okay! If you are not, please don’t stop trusting in God and please keep trying to keep your head up high. Everything will be okay very soon and you will feel amazing very soon; keep being patient and keep trusting God:)

How am I doing? I am doing okay! I have a ton of assignments to do but I feel great anyway. I have been watching a lot of YouTube as well. Okkie, that’s all about me:)

Let’s move into today’s topic; it’s a very interesting one..

I just had an incident in the train, where I was playing a game on my mum’s phone with my sister. We were playing the “Word Search” game and we were trying to find all the words on time. It got to one word that I found but she decided to lie and say that she found it; anyway, fast forward to the end of the story, we were both trying to see who would click the word first and we burst in laughter, playing and smiling. Then and there, it did not feel like anything, I was just trying to be the first one to hit the word.

When I got to the house, after a while, I started thinking about it and I was just feeling very bad about it. I was thinking of the other people in the train and how they might have felt about it, seeing two people all smiley and playing together. I was thinking that what if there was someone in that train who had a very bad relationship with their sibling or lost a sibling or even didn’t have any sibling. I was just thinking of all these and I felt very guilty. I felt so guilty to be”happy” and to just even smile in public.

Tell you what, this is not the first time this has happened to me. I always feel so scared to smile in public or to even show a bit of happiness in public because I am constantly thinking of the people who have it so bad in their lives; the people who can’t even smile and feel like they don’t have a reason to smile. I think about it all the time and then I feel so so guilty.

I know it isn’t just me who feels this and experiences this because TikTok has taught me that whatever you are feeling or going through, someone else has gone through it or is going through it. So yeah, I know I am not alone on this, so I decided to write about it here on this blog.

Honestly, I have just a piece of advice for anyone who feels this and myself too.

You cannot make everyone happy and everyone probably wouldn’t be happy. You can do your best and be kind to everyone and try to bring smiles to peoples’ faces but you really cannot control everyone’s happiness. So, you need to stop feeling guilty for being happy; your happiness is a big deal and it’s beautiful. Stop feeling scared to be happy just because there are people out there who are not happy. Stop it and be happy, go after your happiness and smile often because it’s great.

Smile, celebrate yourself, your family, your friends because we don’t really know when we are going to die. So, be happy and chase after your happiness in a godly manner.

For the sad people out there in the world, who are going through IT, pray for them always. Pray for them and talk to God about them. Pray that they find happiness too. Pray that they smile one day, and keep smiling.

Also, try your best to be kind to everyone! While you cannot control everyone’s happiness, you can always bring a smile to one or two peoples’ faces. So, don’t be mean! Be kind always and show love to everyone!

Remember, being happy is not something to feel guilty about! Your happiness is important and it’s a big deal.

That’s all for today y’all.

thank you for reading!!

Please feel free to leave a comment sharing your experiences or just say something nice!

Photo by Sid Ali on Pexels.com

Enjoy this lovely photo of London!

bye y’all!

*don’t forget that God loves you forever and don’t forget to always be kind.

Racism: WHY??

hi people! What’s up y’all?! I really hope you are doing okay. If you are not, please do not stop trusting in God and keep taking it easy! You’ll be okay very soon by God’s grace:))

How am I doing?? I am doing okay. I have been busy with a lot of school work and extracurricular activities but I am still living; I am just trying to take it easy;)

Let’s move on to today’s post!

What is Racism?

So, there are two great definitions of racism.

The first: According to thoughtco.com, “Racism is the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to other.

The second: According to thoughtco.com, “Racism is discrimination or prejudice based on race.

So, why does Racism happen??

Why do we as humans react negatively to other types of humans? Why do we hate some people and love some, all on the basis of skin color? Why do we show hatred for someone we have never met before just because of the color of their skin? Why do we attack people for wearing proudly the color of their skin? Why do we hate on people for their uniqueness? Why do we abuse people just because they don’t look like us? Why does racism even exist??

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

It’s a question I ask myself all the time and I am sure it’s a question a lot of us ask ourselves all the time. I am sure it’s a question that ponders our mind and lingers in our head.

Why exactly?

No matter the why, it still doesn’t justify racism and won’t ever justify racism! No matter the excuses we give, no matter what we say we learned, it still doesn’t justify racism. Nothing can ever justify racism and hating on people just because of their skin color or their race.

Skin color is beauty. It is uniqueness. It is perfection. It is all the beautiful things in the world.

So why do we hate on it? Why do we hate difference and uniqueness? Why don’t we represent humanity as humans? Why don’t we show love as humans? Why don’t we embrace our differences and hug our uniqueness?

Why do we fail to realize the pain we cause others just by hating them for something they cannot change about themselves? Why do we reject people for something that they were born with and cannot change? Why do we hate people for who they are?

Honestly, everything that is happening today regarding racism is like history literally repeating itself. History that has not been really kind to people of color. History that has constantly forgotten a lot of its foundation. History that does not recognize the sweat and hard work of certain people. History that has constantly cut off the dreams of people because of their skin color. So why is unkind, biased, and prejudiced history repeating itself?

Why is it that as a society, we are really regressing, in terms of racism? Why are people still not understanding that we all belong despite the color that decorates our skin? Why don’t people know better today? Why are people still attacking people just because of their skin color? Why are we not representing humanity?

There is a lot of whys!

We all really need to do better with how we treat people who don’t look like us; people who are different from us. Please understand that it’s never too late to become a better person; be a person that loves and respects every person of every skin color.

If what you need to do is unlearn and then relearn, then do it! Learn what is right and do what is right!

okayy, that is all for today! Thank you for reading and leave a comment if you want(please be respectful with your comments!)

Photo by Yovan Verma on Pexels.com

Enjoy this beautiful picture of Paris!!

byee y’all

*don’t forget that God loves you forever and that it’s very important to love everyone despite our differences.

The Dance(a poem)

I wake up with a smile

With the feeling of positivity and cheer

The dance has stopped..

I get to work and waste no time

I plan my day and I am ready to go

I smile widely and brightly

Feeling the best I have ever felt

The dance still has stopped..

Then, I wake again

Awoken by the feeling of negativity and regret

The dance has resumed..

I am held back by the voices in my head

And I find it so hard to get up and get going

I just want to bury myself deep in my head

And disappear with the dreams I felt I had

The dance is still going..

Hii people! How are you doing today?! I hope all is well. If it’s not, I pray that God will keep holding you up in Jesus name! Amen.

Remember, God loves you forever:))

byee y’all