“Attachments”|why do people get attached too easily?..

Hello people! How are y’all doing? I really hope y’all are fine. For me, I have been okay. There’s nothing really interesting going on for me. I have just been trying to take a break from Instagram and WhatsApp. It’s not really easy but I’m doing really good so far. Prayerfully, I am able to stay off these apps till the end of October. Anyway, let’s get into today’s post.

I am just going to start off by telling you guys about this story. I remember when I went for a Model U.N ‘competition’ from school. I partnered with this very outgoing and cheery girl; for Model U.N, it’s better if you are in partners. So, this girl kept going around talking to the other people there; there were a lot of students from different countries there. She was asking for almost everyone’s numbers and taking pictures with them. Throughout the whole thing(it was for three days), she just kept trying to make friends whilst still doing the work. I was just wowed and kinda annoyed because I thought it was all very unnecessary.

For me, I came there for an event/competition. I just wanted to do the thing, win, and get out of there. I really didn’t get the point of making friends with people you’ll probably never see again. One thing about me is that I really try to not get too attached to people. If I collected all those peoples’ numbers, I probably won’t even text them again, so what was the point of getting attached? I really don’t get it.

This whole attachment thing is also the reason why I don’t make friends anymore and I don’t accept friend requests. Like I just don’t like it when people are too close and all up in my business. I really don’t get people, to be honest. How can you just meet someone and you are already all up in their business, texting them everyday, and calling them every time. People truly confuse me. Another thing I really don’t get is those people on social media who dm you trying to be friends. I’m like, how do you ask someone to be your friend when you only just saw them on social media?? I feel like a lot of people don’t care but for me, I really care because it just makes no sense to me. I really don’t want unnecessary friendship. Sorry not sorry y’all(this is so mean😭).

I am not really good with friendship, so the people who are trying to make me their friend are really just disturbing themselves. Friendship for me has just become really weird and confusing over the years( y’all don’t worry, I have a blogpost about this coming up very soon).

So, I want to know what y’all think about attachments. Why do y’all think people get attached too easily? What do you think of the people who get too attached too easily? Do you think getting attached too easily is a good or bad thing? Let me know in the comments.

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My experience with relationships-what I also think about relationships…

Hi y’all. I really hope y’all are doing fine. Like I said in the blogpost before this, school already started for me. It has been okay so far. I am being really positive about it and I am just putting it all in God’s hands. An advice for y’all is that you should always try to be positive with everything and do not forget to have complete faith in God. Anyways, today’s post is filled with so much gist. So, just keep reading!

I have actually been thinking a lot about relationships, especially now that almost everyone around me is involved in a relationship. Since it has been on my mind a lot, I made a podcast episode about it, and now I am getting deeper about it here on my blog. By the way, if you’ve not yet listened to that episode on my podcast and you will like to listen, go to anchor.fm/ctamwithbee

First, let me just share my experience with the whole dating/relationship thing. I really have never dated anyone and I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon. Well, I was asked out once by this guy but I said no. Honestly, thank God for my life because if not for God, I would have said yes and just gotten into a mess. I really don’t joke with this relationship thing, although I feel like a lot of people do. I feel like a lot of people don’t really understand what a relationship is and they just jump into it.

A relationship isn’t a bad thing but I think that a lot of people get into it at the wrong time. For me, I believe that getting into something at the wrong time would lead to that thing not ending well. I really am not an expert on this whole relationship thing by the way, so, I don’t really know a lot. For me, I also think that a lot of people get into relationships due to peer pressure. They see their friends getting into relationships, and then they get pressured to get into a relationship as well. People really need to realize that God’s timing is the best, so it is important to wait on God before getting into anything or before making any decisions.

Lately, I have been feeling pressured regarding this whole relationship thing but God is telling me to be patient. Also, I have so many other important things now that need a lot of my focus and attention. I know my priorities, so I am being really careful, mindful, and patient. The lesson from today’s blogpost is patience and consulting God before making any decisions.

A lot of people fail to be patient and then they get into something that ends up being disastrous. Like I said in my podcast episode about relationships, “you know when you are ready and when you are not ready”. A lot of people are not ready at all, yet they are venturing into a romantic relationship. Also, always ask God before making any decisions. I am pretty sure most of the people rushing into romantic relationships now did not ask God first. Please remember to always put God first in everything!! I pray that God guides us and gives us the spirit of patience in Jesus name. Amen!

So, in case you are unaware, the ‘relationship’ I am talking about in this blogpost is romantic relationships. Anyway, please leave a comment on your opinion on relationships or maybe you can just drop relationship advice in the comment; anything that relates to today’s post. Don’t be scared or shy to drop a comment, this is a judgment-free zone.

That’s all for today. Bye y’all:)

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Five different free apps that will make school so much easier for you..

Hello people! How are you doing? How is life going for y’all? I really hope everything is okay with y’all. For me, I have been pretty good. I have just been working so much harder, so as to do well in everything I am involved in. School just started and I am pretty excited because I really just want it to be over already. I have also been exercising patience in everything I am doing and I am also trusting God with everything. That is all about me, let’s get into today’s post.

If you are not sure how today’s post fits into what this blog is about, this post is a life tip. Life tips is one of the things that I will be writing about in this blog, just in case y’all did not already know. I think this blogpost is going to be really helpful, especially since school just started. For real now, let’s get into today’s post.

1. Quizlet

Quizlet is one app that I use every time for school. One of the really amazing things about Quizlet is that it can be used for almost all subjects/classes. Quizlet can be used to study or it can be used to do your homework. A lot of people use Quizlet already, so there are different things on there; like different questions and answers for different subjects, definitions of key words, and many more. Quizlet has really helped me with almost all of my homework. As a student, Quizlet is an app that is very very useful for you but you have to be careful on there, so as to not get wrong information. Although most of the things there are correct and true, some things there need to be crosschecked. In all, if you are finding it very difficult to do your assignments or to understand what you are learning in school, check out Quizlet .

2. Google Translate app

This app is a must have if you are taking a foreign language class. I can’t even count how many times I have used this app to translate different texts, passages, and readings for my Spanish class. This is the app that has helped me to do really well in all my Spanish assignments. With this free app, you can translate different languages in different ways. You can take a picture of the reading or passage you want to translate, amongst many other ways and this app translates correctly. With this app, you will be acing all your foreign language class assignments. Just try this app and you will never delete it from your phone or computer.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is probably the best that would be on my list and I am sure that a lot of students who already use this free app would affirm to this. Khan Academy is literally a life saver because you can use it for everything school related. You can use it to study for different exams, you can use it to study for your different classes/subjects, you can use it to prepare for a class that you are going to take in the future. You can use it to do your homework, you can use it to learn keywords for your different classes, and so much more. I really think Khan Academy is a necessity for every student because of how helpful it is. If you are struggling with a class, or you just need help preparing for exams, you need to download Khan Academy on your phone or computer right now. The only thing is that it is not available on Google Play but you can go to their website at khanacademy.org to use it.


Ever since I found Socratic, I have been using it for a lot of my homework. Socratic is very helpful with doing your homework. Socratic allows you to take a picture or type in your assignment questions, and it shows you different websites that relate to the assignment question and can help you to answer the question. Socratic does not give you a particular answer to your questions but it helps you a lot in finding answers to your homework questions. I also think that students should have this app on their computers or phones because it helps you to see different ways to answer your assignment questions and it just is very very helpful no matter what grade you are in.

5. Kahoot

Kahoot is a great app for learning different things. Kahoot is also a really great app for studying and reviewing your notes. You can use Kahoot for different subjects/classes. An advantage of Kahoot is that it is very very easy to use, so you can quickly use it to review your notes before a test or an exam. Kahoot lets you create questions for different topics, so you can go over your notes this way. Kahoot is not totally free but most of the things on there are free. If you need help or are struggling with preparing for your exams or studying your notes, Kahoot would be really good for you.

In all, there are so much more free apps to use for school. I did not include note-taking apps here but you can research on that because there are a lot of free and nice note-taking apps. There are also other apps for studying and doing your homework, you just need to research and see what works best for you. Also, there are different websites that can help, maybe I will write a blogpost on this but in the mean time, you can do some research by yourself.

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In marriages, are husband and wife supposed to be equal or should one be above the other?

Hi people! How are you all doing? This week has been a lot for me. I really have been feeling different types of emotions. I have been tired because I have been doing so much stuff but it is all good. I love everything I am doing. Also, I am really happy to finally write about today’s topic. I should have written this months ago but it is well. Anyway, let’s just get into today’s topic.

For a long time in most non-American countries, the husband has always been above the wife in the family. I think this family setting was formed due to patriarchy. The wife has always been less respected and honored by other members of the society. This family setting was also formed because of gender inequality. You would be so surprised that gender inequality exists most especially in marriages.

People argue that the man earns more, so he should be the head of the family. He has to be respected just because he is a man. Whereas, the wife is always treated like a child or even the maid in her own marriage; like, she is not supposed to work and that she needs to be in the kitchen always, just for her husband. I think people forget that the wife is human too. She should be allowed to work, and she should be given the same amount of respect as her husband.

Due to this weird traditional setting of the family, most men do not respect their wives. They literally treat their wives like a maid. They say that it is the wife’s duties to cook, and clean the house. They expect their wives to clean up after them and do everything for them. This is so wrong because both men and women are able to do these things. It is not a wife’s job or duty. Cooking is a basic skill that both men and women should have and both men and women should also be able to clean the house that they live in. The wife should not always be cleaning up after her husband because he is a grown man and should do that himself. Men really need to understand that their wives have a life of their own, and they cannot be at your beck and call every minute.

In all, for me, I think that even though the man is the head of the house, husband and wife should not be above each other in a marriage. One cannot be treated like a king, while the other is being treated like a maid. That is all for today. Bye y’all:)

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Also, please leave a comment on what you think about today’s topic. Don’t be shy or scared to leave a comment, this is a judgment-free zone.

Growing up is really not easy..(mood=stressed!!)

Hello Hello! How are you doing? How is life going for you?? For me, I have been really stressed but God is taking control. So much stuff is happening and I am freaking lost but in all, we give God the glory! Today’s post is going to be honest and really realistic because I cannot can anymore(if you get). Anyway, let’s just go on to today’s post.

Honestly, we don’t talk about growing up as much as we need to. This is because there’s so much stuff you need to learn as you grow up. There are a lot of responsibilities that come as you grow up. There are so many things you need to know and be aware of as you grow up. Like, you start thinking about preparing for the future, in regards to job, education, and so many other things. It’s like, you quickly need to figure out what you would like to do in the future because if you don’t do that, then you would be slowed down.

For me right now, I have really never felt so lost before. Like, there are so many things to prepare for for the future. There are so many exams I have to study for, just so that my future would be a good one. There are also so many things that I don’t know about and I need to know about, like taxes, investing, knowing what I want to become in the future, my plans regarding my education, getting a job, making money.

For the first time in my life, I feel like school doesn’t teach us enough and our parents don’t prepare us enough for the future. It’s like, why doesn’t school teach us about finances? As we grow up, we need to start making decisions regarding finances but a lot of us don’t even know what to do. As we grow up, we need to already know about our taxes, investing money, saving money, and more like that but most of us don’t even know how to do any of those things. I am an example of one of those people who doesn’t know how to do all of those things. It’s tiring, really.

Also, most of our parents really need to do better. Parents are supposed to help their children grow and help them prepare for the future but most parents don’t do that. They are more invested in choosing their children’s career and life path for them. It is very wrong for goodness sake. Yes, I know that our parents have their own responsibilities but they need to also put their children on top of things. It’s like, our parents pay taxes, so they know about taxing; why don’t they teach their kids that??

I mean Google has been my really good friend but sometimes we need other people who are going through that thing or have already experienced it to guide us along the way. Honestly, I have been putting my trust in God and I’ll keep putting my trust in God because He really is helping me. God has been helping me so much on this growing up journey and I really thank Him for that. Beloved, don’t forget to put your trust in God today because He gives guidance and help to us wherever we need it.

That’s all for today y’all. I really want to know your thoughts, so please leave a comment. Tell me in the comment if you relate or just tell me what you think about growing up and tell me about your own experiences. Peace out! Bye y’all:)

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Three ways to stay productive as school starts again…

Hi people! How are you doing? How has your week been? If you haven’t already noticed, I made some changes to this blog. I know, I am always making changes:) It is all for the best anyway. I changed the name of this blog and I also changed the theme and that’s all. Anyway, my week has been okay so far. I have been very productive this week and I really thank God for that. In this blog post, I will be sharing three of my secrets to being productive with y’all. Stay on and keep reading!

Honestly, I really understand how being productive can be very difficult sometimes but no worries because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Sometimes, we get very lazy or we just procrastinate everything we need to do out of habit. I hope these tips will help you to be more productive.

First, write a list of everything you have to do for the day( make a to-do list basically)

I know you’ve probably heard this one million times. I get it but the reason why it is being repeated every time is because it is actually really helpful. When you make a list of all the things you have to do, it motivates you to really do those things. You also remember that there are some things you need to do. There are some things you need to achieve. This moves you to get moving and start working. Also, the thing about making a to-do list is that, when you don’t do the things on that list, it makes you feel guilt. You feel guilty that you did not do what you were supposed to do. Y’all just really need to try it first. Just give it a trial and you’ll see that it is actually very helpful.

Second, keep your phone away from you for some time

This one works for me a lot and I am sure, it will work for you too. I know that our phones is one major reason why we never do the things we are supposed to do. The phone is a really big distraction and if you do not try to keep it away from you sometimes, I am afraid you’ll never get anything done. One thing I also know is that most of us are really addicted to our phones and we are worried about how we would keep it away from us. Don’t worry, you can definitely do it if I can do it. I can almost say that I am addicted to my phone as well but whenever I want to work or have work to do, I always make sure to put my phone where I cannot reach it. This has helped me to get a ton of work done. This method is so helpful, just give it a trial.

Lastly, think of your future and the dreams you badly want to achieve

This one is probably the best because it really motivates you to get up and do something. Please note that I am not telling y’all to start worrying too much about the future or start panicking, just put it all in God’s hand. What I am saying is that whenever you get lazy or start to procrastinate, just think of where you want to be in the future. This pushes you to start working and be productive because it helps you realize that in order to have that amazing future you desire, you have to work hard. Without hard work, you won’t achieve what you want. So, thinking of those dreams that you badly want to achieve moves you to be hard working. Just try it out and I know y’all will come back to give testimonies.

One last thing I want to mention is that you should always put God first in everything you do. Before carrying out any of these steps, make sure that you’ve already communicated with God first. God gives us guidance, so He helps us deal with any issues we have. He also has the answers to all our problems, hence why it is very important to always go to Him first.

I really hope y’all try out these things I have told y’all and I really hope it works for all of you. Thanks for reading! Bye:)

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Why do most non-Americans glorify America??

Hello my people! How have you been? How is it going with y’all? This week has been rough for me but in all, we give thanks to God and we move! I have not really been up to a lot of things. I have been reading, and preparing to go back to school. I have also been watching this series on Netflix and it is really nice, although it is kinda scary. Let’s just get into today’s topic.

To be honest, I have been wanting to write about today’s topic for a long time. I mean being a non-American who used to glorify America a lot and who moved to America because of how it’s being glorified, I sure have a lot to say/write about. Y’all are about to get premium gist!! Get your drink and your snack because you are in for a lot today:)

Firstly, the main reason why I think America is so attractive to a lot of non-Americans is because we think America is full of opportunities. It really cannot be denied that America is somewhat filled with opportunities but not really tho. If you have not been to America before, the opportunities you hear about would be free education, free healthcare, job opportunities, good security, good housing, and many other opportunities. I am sorry but this is the part where I tell y’all that most of these things are lies. America is not a land flowing with milk and honey. Nahh

There really is no free education. The only education that is free is the education before you get to college, like high school and below(mostly). Once you get to college in America, you have to pay even more than you would have paid for college in your own country. To counter this, people would say that the education in America is better. Hear me out, the education in America is not better at all. It is just that the government takes better measures regarding education, like paying their teachers regularly and giving out scholarships. To even qualify for some of these scholarships is another topic for another day. In all, America has good teachers, so does every other country. America is not really better in that aspect.

For the free healthcare, who told you so?? Healthcare ain’t free here at all, well except you have a good insurance. If you do not have insurance, which majority of people do not have, you have to pay for your own healthcare. If you see the doctor, you have to pay. To get drugs at a pharmacy, you have to pay. For surgery or any other procedure, you have to pay. I mean you would expect America to have free healthcare because it is a top country but it doesn’t. The sad news there is that a lot of people die because they cannot afford how much it costs to see the doctor. In all, it is well sha!

Honestly, you only get a good and amazing job if you schooled or are schooling in America. If not, you have to do menial jobs like security at a mall, cleaner, e.t.c. Getting a job is also not easy and somewhat stressful if you are an immigrant. Though it is not really easy to get a job, a lot of jobs actually pay well. The dollar rate is pretty high, so if you convert the money you earn in dollars to the currency used in your own country, it is a lot of money for the most part; that is a plus. Also, housing is not cheap at all. If you come here and you are not rich already or have some money at hand, you would have to squat with a friend or relative of yours at first because it costs a lot of money to rent a house. If you start working, as time goes on, money would start coming and you probably would now be able to afford rent.

One other thing I want to mention is that America is the place where you become fully aware of yourself. Like you do not become black until you get to America or you do not become Hispanic until you get to America. This basically means that America is full of different kinds of people, so you become fully aware of the fact that you are a black person or that you are brown. In your own country, it doesn’t matter if you are black, nor does it matter if you are brown but in America, it matters.

You also become fully aware of different things that you never knew could happen. Like bullying, racism, and many more. America, in short, opens your eyes. You see a lot of things and you learn a lot of things. If you are not careful, America will change you. It will change how you view things, it will impact your behavior, and many more. Although change is not a bad thing but if you’re not mindful, it can be a really bad thing.

Please note that the purpose of this post is not to shame America or hate on America. America is a nice place for the most part. There are actually some nice opportunities here, especially for children, teenagers, and young adults. America is also a good place if you want to go on a self-discovery journey. Changing scenery/location can help you to learn more about yourself. In all, do your research before moving to another country, it is very important! Also, if you are moving to America, know that you really have to be hardworking and have faith in God that your coming to America would not be in vain.

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Also please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Do not be scared or shy to drop a comment, this is a judgment-free zone!