The different categories of love that are never talked about..

Hi y’all! How are you doing? I really really hope y’all are doing okay.. If not, I pray that God will visit you and improve your situation. Amen! As for me, I am just living; nothing too much going on. Although, it’s being a roller coaster of emotions, I am still my very positive self because I know that God has my back:) Let’s get into today’s post.

Not gonna lie, this post is a product of my thoughts; just think of it like I am thinking out loud.

So, I was thinking about love; I am always thinking about this because it is just so intriguing and interesting to examine this deep connection between people. Like, love brings people together, it connects people, and it kinda changes how people act; it’s all so fascinating and it’s something I have been studying and trying to understand. I still don’t get the mushy mushy part but at least I am getting some understanding about the whole concept of love;)

Anyway, I was thinking about how sometimes we think that someone truly loves us but it’s not “true love”, it just falls under a category or type of love. Alright, let me really explain it. I actually think that love has categories; like, someone can be truly in love with you for you, someone can be in love with you because the things you do fascinate them, someone can be in love with you because you fulfill their fantasies, someone can be in love with you because you seem like the type of person they want to be themselves. All I am saying is that sometimes you mistake other types of feelings and emotions for true love; I mean this feelings and emotions can fall under love but they are not true, real love itself.

For real, I feel like people don’t think about this enough. Sometimes, we like someone and this blinds our eyes, we then think that they truly love us for us but that’s not the case, they probably just love you for the things you do or the type of person you are.

I really feel like people should love one another for who they are and not because you are hung up on something about them. Trust me, I understand that it’s human nature and it will probably still happen but just be very careful and mindful. Also, sometimes, we need to be awake and really think and also be very careful not to pour out all your love on somebody who is not truly in love with you(I know this is probably easier said than done😅). Just be very careful anyway because heartbreak is not something nice…

I am speaking about this because this is something that I have been through a lot. Like, sometimes I think I really like someone but then I figure out that I don’t like them for who they are, I just like something about them or the type of character they project out to the world. Yes really!!

Realizing what type of love you have for someone is really important because no one really deserves to be led on or be used.


So, I think it’s really important to know how you truly feel about someone before you start broadcasting it(your feelings) to that person. I mean, it’s better to be cautious and not just get into a relationship that then falls apart because of the type of love or the category in fact, y’all have for each other.

Anyway, like I said earlier, this is just a product of my thoughts. Y’all might not agree and that’s completely fine:) In fact, I want to know what y’all think, so please leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions.

Before I go, I just want y’all to know that my first book review will be posted very soon. I have been working on it for a very long time but it’s finally going to be out very very soon, thank God). Thank you for your patience. Bye y’all.

Love you all always(p.s. my love for y’all is true and pure love;))

Okay, I couldn’t just leave y’all without a picture. This picture seemed so relaxing. Bye now!

Birthday celebrations| too fun or too much?

Hello people! How’re y’all doing? I really hope things are going okay for you. And if things aren’t going really well for you right now, don’t forget to keep putting your trust in God. Also, remember that tough times never last but tough people do. You’ll be fine eventually even if it doesn’t seem like that now. I promise, if you keep fighting, you’ll be fine.

So, how am I? I am okay; like I’m doing alright. I’ve been so positive with everything that’s going on and I’m just thankful to God that I’m able to remain so positive even in times like this. By the way, school has also been going okay; it’s stressful but it’s worth it at the end. Anyhoo, let’s get into today’s post.

Before I really start, let me just tell y’all this thing about me; I don’t like celebrating my birthday. A lot of people think that I’m weird and very ungrateful to God because of this but that’s not the case. Of course, I really really appreciate God for another year in life but I don’t like all the shenanigans that people add to birthdays.

It’s like, first of all, my existence in life is something I’m still struggling with. This is because I have some serious issues going on; I’m just a very very complicated human. So because I’m still dealing with this, it just kinda makes me feel somehow when people start to call me and text me saying happy birthday. I also don’t really fancy myself like that(don’t get me wrong, I’m a baby girl but you know..), so it’s really weird when I see people posting my pictures everywhere on my birthday.

I’m also somebody that really likes and enjoys simplicity and minimalism. People do so much regarding birthdays and it just gets me feeling confused. I’m like, I don’t have to go out to eat or I don’t have to wear some special type of clothes or go to a studio and have a photoshoot. I personally think it’s all extra stuff but I’m not condemning the people that do this stuff. We all have our different opinions on things; everything I’m saying is just how I see birthdays from my own point of view.

Anyway, why did this topic come up today? I was talking to my youngest sister; I’m sure y’all already know about her because I mentioned her in a previous blogpost. Let’s continue with the story then. This particular day, she was very bored and she kept coming after me, trying to converse with me. I gave in because the disturbance was just too much. She started asking me different things about myself because she always wonders why I am the way I am😔.

So, she asks me, “Why don’t you like celebrating your birthday?” Well, I explained to her most of the things I just explained to y’all. She then challenged me and said, “Why don’t you want to appreciate God for making you; why don’t you want to celebrate the day that God brought you to this life?” Honestly, this really hit me different because I’ve never thought of it like that. I just had to keep shut after what she said. I was like, wow Bee, why are you so against your existence as a person?? I’m still thinking about it but that’s all I just wanted to share with y’all. Maybe when I finally and truly understand, I’ll come and talk to y’all about it.

What do y’all think about birthday celebrations? Do you like celebrating your birthday or no? Let me know in the comments. If you also have any questions or thoughts on today’s post, please leave a comment. Bye y’all 🙂🙂

Before I go, I just want you guys to understand that you can handle whatever life throws at you. So please don’t give up, keep trying and keep working hard, God has your back.😊😊

The silent whimpers and the deafening prayers of my motherland.. |Africa is bleeding..

Hi y’all! How’re you doing?? I hope you’re taking care of yourself?? I hope you’re keeping up with your mental health?? I hope you’re being kind to your health and to yourself??

Hmm. For me, too much has being going on. It’s a lot of crazyyyy stuff but like I always say, God is in control and He’s definitely not asleep. Today’s post is a very real post and I wrote this from the depths of the little left of my heart. Let’s just dive in!

Africa is going through so much right now. Well, not exactly every African country but a lot of countries are really going through it right now. So many people are dying and they are being treated like dangerous and wild animals. People are being shot like animals being shot for sport. People are leaving their homes and they are not returning home. People are saying farewell not knowing that it’s their last. People are crying and they are bleeding, metaphorically and literally.

If you don’t know what’s going on

There are thousands of very brave, strong, and courageous people going out to protest. There are people risking their lives to contribute to the betterment of Africa. There are also people doing their bit on social media, trying to spread awareness and use their voices to spread the news, to loud our cries. Everyone is doing their part in this fight to improve the quality of life of Africans.

Honestly, it’s very infuriating that we are still fighting for our lives and our sanity in the year, 2020. More than 30 years after the independence of many African countries. Now, I better understand when people say that, “it’s not how far but how well”.

The whole craze of the way the government rules in most African countries is already being shown all over the world. With so many people from international countries lending their voices and their platforms to this fight. We all now realize that it’s no longer Africans’ fight but it’s all our fight. Really, what joy exactly is living if more than half of humanity are struggling to survive?? What joy is life if more than half of humanity don’t know what it’s like to live a life where you don’t have to keep a gun or a weapon by your bedside every night?

Like every wise person has said, “we can achieve so much more when we work together”. For everyone who is not African, this is now your fight. You really shouldn’t sit comfortably in your homes knowing that your brothers and sisters that life has given you are dying. Though, you have to keep up with your mental health and take breaks when you need, you can’t keep being mute. Please you can’t! If you keep being mute, what people would you have when you need to show diversity? What people would you use to prove that you’re not racist?? What people would you use to show that you’re nice and that you do charity work a lot?? The reality of most whites or non-Africans is being challenged here and I’m sorry to trigger you but we have to accept the harshness of reality.

We always say that life is very unfair but should you really say that when life has become a matter of living or dying. Get up and talk! Speak and let our voices rise up to the heavens. Let our hearts sing to the heavens. Let’s stop whimpering and let’s start screaming. Let’s amplify our voices because together we are one. Let our prayers not cease and let it continue to ring out loud.

I think it’s very important for me to mention here, that we shouldn’t be attacking people for not talking about everything that’s going on(on that note, I really hope no one feels attacked by the previous paragraphs, it’s all unfiltered truth). For some people, all of these stuff is really really hard to process and some other people also have some sort of trauma they’re already dealing with. We don’t know everyone’s situation, so please be very kind with your words and actions. All I’m saying is that if you can, use your voice because every voice is needed.

Moving on, the harshness of our reality extends to the acceptance of people who are very care-free about the deaths of thousands. Those who turn blind eye to the sore image of a person’s brain scattered all over the floor. Those who are in positions of power sitting comfortably in their homes watching the havoc they caused by themselves. Those who insist that this fight is not their fight. Yes, it is very angering and frustrating but we need to accept it. We need not close our eyes, close our hearts, and let curses ring from the bottom of our souls. We need not take judgment into our own hands. Instead, let God do the judging and punishing, let’s just sit back and watch the evil ones get repaid with the actions they took stupidly. Let’s keep talking but close our eyes and walk past the evil and corrupt ones. Let’s keep being peaceful in our fight and let’s work on amplifying our voices.

This is the beginning of a new era. Although it’s heartbreaking that many heroes had to surrender their lives for this fight, I can smell victory because it’s not far away. Let’s rest for today and get back on our toes tomorrow. Let’s refill ourselves today and let’s get ready to be drained tomorrow. This fight has started because God has a reason for everything. This time, victory is definitely ours.

Lest I forget, mental health is still extremely important. From experience, I know how draining all of this can be. I know how tiring it can be. So please please, even though things aren’t really looking great currently, still pay close attention to your mental health. Also, try to stay away from social media some days because the news on there can be extremely overwhelming. Please make sure that you don’t lose yourself amidst all that’s happening. Please, I beg of you, take care of yourself. Please Please!

A quick prayer shared with me by someone during a prayer meeting I hosted. Father Lord, arise and fight for your people in Jesus name. Amen! Bye y’all 🤗🤗

A Bible verse to keep you going!

Love you all always❤️❤️

Who really am I ??|Midnight struggles..

Hi y’all! How’re you doing? How’s life going? I really hope everything is going okay with y’all. For me, I’ve been alright but I’ve been really stressed, not gonna lie. There’s so much happening in Africa currently and it’s all just so sad and angering. Sigh! Let’s just get into today’s post.

This post is really special because it was not planned. It’s completely spontaneous and it feels really good to write something without first planning it. Also, I wrote this post with my phone. This is something I’ve never really tried before and it feels good. To be honest, I think this post is the realest I’ve ever been on this blog. Let’s get into it:)

So, I have two sisters. They’re really amazing people and I really really love them. My sisters are blessings from God and I really thank God for their lives. I just pray that God continues to be with them and guides them through life in Jesus name. Amen!

Anyway, the night before, I just felt the need or the push to ask my youngest sister a question. She’s very smart, by the way. I asked her, “what’s one advice you would give me as you’re seeing me live my life?” I really don’t know why I asked her this particular question. I just felt led by the Holy Spirit to ask this particular question. Thanks to the Holy Spirit because my sister’s answer to this question really opened my eyes.

Well, she told me that I should be very careful with my future, regarding the profession I want to go into. I was confused and I asked her to tell me more. She then said that the reason why she gave that answer is so that I don’t end up having a future full of regret. I was really wowed because this is something I have been struggling with and I’ve been asking the Holy Spirit for help about.

I’ve been thinking about my future a lot. Trying to figure out what profession I really want to go into and what I want to study regarding education. I’ve been really confused and really lost because there is just so much going through my head regarding this topic.

One of those things going through my head is the words of my parents and their friends. From when I was very young, I’ve always been advised by my parents and their friends to go into medicine. It has gotten really annoying at this point but I totally understand them. They’re just really concerned about me and this is one of the many ways they’re showing that they love me. I understand that they want me to be totally secured in the future by getting into an amazing profession like “medicine ”. While I totally understand them, I can’t ignore myself. What about my own happiness and fulfillment? My parents don’t seem to think about that; I feel like they think that when money is there, all is well.

It is well sha. Thank God for revealing what He revealed to me through my sister. Things are a little clearer now. I’m just doing more research on different things and I keep communicating with God, asking Him for more help and guidance. A Bible verse that’s coming to my head right now and has been keeping me going is Psalm 46 vs 5a, “For God is within her, she will not fall”. God is with and within me, so I’m secured and I have nothing to worry about.

P.s. remember our talk on positivity😉(always try to be positive in every situation, whether bad, good, ugly, exciting, everything).

That’s all for today y’all. What are your thoughts and questions about today’s post? Do you also struggle with trying to know what you want to do in the future? Do you also have parents like mine? Tell me in the comments.

This is my most recent poem. I just think it kinda relates to what today’s blogpost is about. 🤗

Why did I start blogging??- what does blogging mean to me..

Hiiii y’all! How’re you doing? How’s your life going? I really hope things are going okay for you. For me, I’ve been alright. I’ve been busy with school and things are really going okay. We thank God for that. Let’s really just get into today’s post. It’s an interesting one🤗

You know, sometimes I really just think about why I started blogging. This is because blogging has a new meaning to me now. I view blogging differently now and it means much more to me now.

At first, I honestly really didn’t even think that I would become a blogger because I actually wasn’t really aware of blogging; I kinda knew about it but I really didn’t pay enough attention to it. I just really learned a lot more about blogging during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus. By learning more about it, I just knew that it’s something I want to do. Also, when I first started, I wasn’t really intentional with my blog because I was still figuring things out.

Anyway, my eyes are clearer now and I know much more about blogging. During the lockdown, I discovered the whole content creation thing on Instagram and from there, I began to see bloggers. I clicked on their blog thing and it brought me to their blog. I was very very intrigued because I really had never seen anything like that. It was fascinating how they were sharing their stories with their readers and how they were putting into words the things they loved the most.

I decided to do the same. Really, I think I had tried blogging a long time ago but I didn’t get it, so I just forgot about it. Moving on, I asked questions about blogging from people and from Google and I just started. My first blogpost was easy to write because I’m a writer already; I write for newspapers and magazines. Although the first blogpost was easy to write, it felt automated. It didn’t feel like me. It felt and kinda looked like an article for a newspaper. After that, I wrote another blogpost that also felt and looked like the first one. I saw that I didn’t like what I was doing with my blog and my writing, I then took a break. I used that break to teach myself that this is my blog; it’s my story(me), so I shouldn’t be scared to write freely.

In all, I became much more intentional about my writing. I started being me with my blog. I stopped focusing on writing to please my readers and I started focusing on writing what I want. It’s been really amazing so far and I’m really really pleased with how my blog is doing, all thanks to God. Blogging has become something I want to keep doing as I grow older. I really don’t want to stop blogging because I just really really like it. I pray that my love for blogging never dies in Jesus name. Amen!

By the way, there are really amazing bloggers out there. Sometimes I read someone’s blogpost and it just moves me, pushes me, and motivates me to do better with my blog. To be honest, most of the things I know about blogging, I learned from other bloggers who are very brave with sharing their stories. Some of my favorite bloggers are, Firi’s epiphany, Regina Adetipe , Sia in Style, That Lagos girl, and just a few more. You should totally check their blogs out; you’ll really love it.

That’s all for today y’all. In the comments, you can tell me about that thing that you discovered and now, you really love it. Or you can just leave a comment about your thoughts and questions about today’s post. Bye y’all

This is a poem I wrote not long ago. It doesn’t really relate to today’s topic but I just wanted to share it with y’all.

Our sad reality(Police Brutality) |#EndSARS

Hello Hello! How are y’all doing? How’s it going?? For me, I’m just really stressed and tired. Honestly, things aren’t really looking nice right now for me but God is in control. Don’t worry y’all, God’s got me! Anyway, today’s topic is a really big issue that hurts my heart so badly. Let’s just get into it.

Before I start, let me explain the story behind #EndSARS to y’all. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS) is a unit of the Nigerian Police Force. Over the years, SARS have been committing several acts of corruption and malpractice in Nigeria. Instead of serving as a form of protection to the people, they have been the ones terrorizing the people. They have been unlawfully arresting and detaining young people(youths) because they are wearing some type of expensive jewelry, using iPhones, driving expensive cars, and many more things. They have stolen and extorted money from young people and their family members. They have raped a lot of women. They have also killed a lot of people. All of these crimes and the Nigerian government has refused to do anything.

It’s just so unbelievable, unfathomable, and mind boggling that the people who are in charge of protecting us and keeping us safe have turned to our biggest fears and worst nightmares. According to Google, “ A Police Officer serves to maintain law and order in local areas by protecting members of the public and their property, preventing crime, reducing the fear of crime and improving the quality of life for all citizens”. The police are the people that are supposed to serve as examples to other citizens. They are supposed to maintain law and order but SARS is doing just the opposite of that. They are supposed to be reducing the fear of crime but all they are doing is increasing the fear of crime and even making it so much harder for us to live our lives.

It’s so disturbing that the police who are supposed to make us feel safe are the ones making it hard for us to sleep at night. By the way, in every Nigerian police station you go to, you will see a sign that says, “Police is your friend”. What kind of lie and what sort of deception is this?

However, my own question is thus, “where the heck is the freaking government”?? In Nigeria, people have been protesting for almost a week now and the government is yet to do anything meaningful and helpful. Our government officials are sitting in their offices or houses comfortably watching, with eyes wide open, the chaos and brouhaha going on in the nation that is supposed to be led by them. I really don’t think these people understand what it means to be a leader. If they did understand, they wouldn’t just sit down and be looking at these SARS people and their act of terrorism. This whole thing is just maddening. I’m just so embarrassed for and ashamed of these so-called leaders. I am also very disappointed because when these people were campaigning to be in these positions they are in now, they wrapped their incompetence in fine looking propaganda. Incompetence, care-free attitude and negligence at its peak!!

Also, apart from the incompetence of these people in power, they are also so freaking power drunk, especially these SARS people. I mean, you give a bunch of people guns and uniforms and tell them they have power and the next thing they do is let the power get into their heads. This power thing is riding them and the most painful part of it is that they have these huge amount of power, and yet they keep misusing it. The SARS have been given power by the Nigerian government and instead of them to serve as role models and examples for other citizens, they let the power get into their heads and they became power drunk. Honestly, same goes for the other people in the government. They get into the government and they are blinded by how much power they have and they forget why they are in power or why they have the power in the first place.

Our people are dying. They are not safe. Our nation is not at peace. Our government has failed us. May Almighty God in his infinite mercy show His face and help us through it all. Amen!

In all, please if you’re going out to protest, be very careful because they are even killing protesters now. Sigh! Please use your voice if you can to speak on this topic however way you can. Also, my heart is with everyone in Nigeria. Please take heart, the God we serve is aware of our situation and He will never ever abandon us. I also pray that God will enter our leaders’s minds and take control over Nigeria. Amen!

Love you all always🤗🤗


Get to know me!| Ten interesting things about Bee(me!)

Hiiii y’all! How’re you doing?? How’s it going?? I really really hope things are going okay for and with y’all. If things aren’t really going well for you right now, pleaseeee don’t give up! If I’m still alive and still fighting, y’all can do it! Anyway, I’m pretty excited, if you can’t already tell from my tone. By the way, I’ve been alright. I just thank God for being alive. Ohkay, let’s just move into today’s post.

So, if you ask me, I would say that I am a pretty complicated person. There are so many different parts to me. In fact, I like to call myself weird because I just don’t like “normal” and I really just feel like I am wired differently. In summary, I am a unique person 😉😉. Anyway, enough of the self-questioning and explanation, let’s get into some pretty interesting things about me.

1. I’m Nigerian

If y’all didn’t already know, I really really take pride in my nationality. Although yes!, Nigeria has its bad parts, I still love it. Nigeria to me is home and it’s where true peace is at for me.

I know that with the resilience, bravery, and courage of the youths, Nigeria will become a much better place very soon. Nigeria is really beautiful and Nigerians are the most hardworking and strong people I know. Infact, all of my friends and family are Nigerians. Yayy for me😊😊

2. I’m in love with Jesus(best father and friend)

Jesus is sooooo freaking amazing. He fills me up with so much joy and He gives me a reason to live everyday. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m so glad for the day I finally gave my life to Him.

He’s literally the best and He helps me to become a better version of myself everyday. He guides me and He helps me to know what to do and not do. He is my literal savior because without Him, my life would have probably ended by now😫.

3. I’m a total psychology and philosophy geek!!

I am a very deep person who loves questioning different things about humans and life. I am literally in love with understanding and examining the connection between people and their emotions. I love to study how our emotions affect us as humans and play a role in everything we do.

I also love questioning life itself. I think so much about life and the true meaning of life. It’s all so intriguing to me. I really hope to write so many research papers someday on these two topics. By the way, I am more of a psychology geek than I am a philosophy geek.

4. I really love people-watching

People intrigue and fascinate me. Their looks, actions, their words, and the way they think. I love to look at people deeply and understand the different parts there is to them.

Humans are a very interesting subject and you will be shocked by how much you can find out by just looking at someone so deeply. Outward appearances of people don’t really interest me like that, I am much more interested in what they hold inside, and their thoughts. It’s all so beautiful to me. I just love it🙃😃

5. I’m in love with African literature, classic fictions, and historical fiction books

Reading is something I love doing so much. Reading really improves the way I think and see things. Reading also exposes me to different kinds of issues and it allows me to experience life in so many different perspectives. Through reading, I’m able to explore and get out of my head. I feel excited and at peace when I read. Let’s just say that reading is like therapy and it keeps me going.

I really really love African literature. Africa is just so attractive to me and I really love every country despite their flaws. I love how African writers write because their writing style is just so unique and their writing is so relatable and exposing at the same time. I love classic and historical fiction because they can be very educative and I learn a lot from these books. They open my eyes to different worlds and different things. Books are just the literal best😫🤗.

These are some of my favorite African literature books. By the way, I really really like every one of Chimamanda’s books! P.s. these are not all her books in the picture, she still has more.

6. I’m a very dedicated poetry lover

Poetry is one of the best things in the world. I love poets because they’re so freaking brave. They’re very brave in the sense that they’re able to express their emotions and they are also able to express their views on so many different things. I have found love in poem writing because it is my best way of letting it all out.

When I write my poems, I feel really good and I feel very brave. I also feel very confident whenever I write my poems because I’m being myself and I’m not hiding myself in a hole. Poetry is amazing and I totally recommend reading poems to y’all because they’re just so beautiful, stupefying, and soo welcoming. Poetry really embraced me and it gives me the motivation to keep going🙂🤩.

7. I admire people who are not scared of being different and standing out

It really just amazes me when I see someone who is not scared of speaking up about something. I love it when someone is okay with being called weird and they don’t really care about it even when they are just being themselves. I love it when people don’t follow the norm and keep quiet whenever they see something appalling.

That’s one reason why I love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie because through her writing you would see that she is fearless. She’s not scared about writing on all the vices in the African society. She’s not scared of being different; she is not being quiet, and she’s very bold. That’s also one reason why I love speaking up on different topics. Whenever I see or hear something that is just so somehow, I try to talk about it some way because that’s how people learn and become aware of the things happening around them.

8. One of the most important things to me is being myself and I really hate lies

Being myself is one of the most amazing things I can do for myself. I know I’m not the best person in the world but I’m in the middle of growth; I’m growing. Even though I’m not the best version of myself yet, I don’t mind being the real me because that’s how I learn. Also being me is very liberating and I’m not chained down by other people’s opinions. If I try to be someone that I’m not, it feels like I’m in a box and I’m living a lie that could get exposed in just any minute.

Also, I really don’t like lies and dishonesty. Lying is a sin and lying also just slowly shapes you into a fake version of yourself. After one lie, it gets so much easier to lie more and then you just get caught up in a fake reality. It’s pathetic and disheartening, really.

9. I love being there for other people and I really love being of help to others

Yes, I know I can’t fix everyone but I’ll like to try. There are just so many people in the world who are broken and are cut so deeply that they are hiding in the shadow of their wounds. There are so many people who just need someone to be there for them, someone to listen to them and hold them.

I just really want to be there for as many people as I can because mental and emotional health are things I take so seriously. On that note, y’all can always reach out to me anytime if you’re going through something and you just need someone to be there for you. Also, y’all should always know that I’m here and I’m rooting for y’all always 🤗🤗.

10. I actually really like Instagram and I find it fascinating

Instagram is like a place for me to vent and to get my mind off things. You know, I feel like a lot of people think I’m on Instagram too much but y’all just don’t understand. Instagram is also a way for me to reach out to people who are going through different things.

It’s a way for me to be there for people. It’s a way for me to laugh and just get my mind off my troubles and worries. It’s a way for me to learn and be educated. It’s a way for me to see different opportunities and get my eyes open. It’s also a way to observe people. It’s a very big win for me! By the way, I also try to get off sometimes and just dive back into reality, you know. It’s all fun stuff😀😀.

These are some things about me. Of course, there are still so many different facts about me; later in the future, I’ll write more blogposts about it. I hope you guys now know who I am a little bit. I was so excited to share a bit more about myself here on my blog.

Let me know in the comments if we have any similar qualities. Also, introduce yourself to me in the comments and tell me any interesting thing about you. I’m always so glad to read y’all’s comments. Bye y’all!

This is literally how I feel now. Thank you to all my readers and followers.🤗🤗