#notitle2(a poem)

I have cried tears of joy and tears of pain

I have died deaths of love and deaths of pain

I have lost my life and regained it, all in the blink of the fastest eye

I have lived as human and also existed as merely a piece of body

I have chewed my cheek and bit my tongue in efforts to quiet myself and I have drowned myself out in the constant noise of the fabricated truths of our reality

I have been used and forsaken and I have been rediscovered and cleaned until I was as shiny as the three little porcelain dolls that sit on my grandfather’s living room table

I have been rejected by humanity, and I have had to become nonhuman and slip through tight-closed doors to prove my humanity

I have lived a lie and doubted my ability to be and I have wondered and wondered about what being human is

I have given up my existence and have lived in my mind, a place that deeply hates me and rejects me as if I was nothing but a piece of rag

I have fought for my life only for me to give it up just to feel and to be

I have surrendered to the power of my in-existence and I have suffered the pain of life.

hi people! How are you doing? I really hope you are doing ok!

thank you for reading this poem today:)


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