In New York City

So, I moved to New York City in 2017 and I’m pretty sure you already know that story(it was the first post I published on this blog). If you are new here and want to know that story, check here!

When I first moved here and in my first three years of being here, I didn’t know that New York City was a pretty big deal. I didn’t know that people really wanted to move here. I also didn’t know that it was a major place. I didn’t even know that New York City was a whole other part of New York.

I just didn’t know so much about New York City!

However, I have just now realized that New York City is a very big and major city! It’s a place where a lot of people want to live. It’s a place where you can just meet your favorite celebrity walking on the street(well, I guess only if you live in Manhattan). It’s a place where a lot of big companies are situated.

Simply put, it is a place where a lot of big things happen.

Honestly, it can be very intimidating sometimes but I think it’s very beautiful to live here and experience what it’s really like to be a “New Yorker”. I am just so fascinated by it and that’s probably why I’m so short of words and just going to stop here.

Honestly, the whole reason for this post is just to appreciate NYC and being able to live here. I know that NYC is so romanticized compared to what it really is like but just being able to live in this city gets me smiling. I don’t know, I just think about it so much and little excited firecrackers go off in my head.

I know I said that I really love Lagos and might want to move there in the future but it’s not looking so sure for Lagos right now. New York is really the vibe right now!

I’m just glad to be here and even though, I don’t want to live here forever, I can’t wait to have my own NYC studio apartment with floor to ceiling windows and so many plants and art surrounding my space..

Like you guys know, I’m always thinking of the future and constantly planning. So, as I go on in life and as I grow, I’ll come here frequently to update you!

With all that said, thank you for reading today’s post and thank you for being here on my blog!

Before I go, I’ve to say HI!

hii! How are you?! I really hope you are doing alright. I also hope you have been very kind to yourself:))

How am I doing? I am doing pretty okay. I have been quite busy trying to do a couple of things. I have been to trying to get through by reading list for the year. Overall, I am ok! Just glad to be writing here;))

Before you leave, enjoy this beautiful photos of New York City that I found on the free WordPress photo library!


-You can check out my YouTube channel here for a lot of NYC vlogs🧋🧋

*don’t forget that God loves you forever and that you should never say negative things to yourself!


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