Five different free apps that will make school so much easier for you..

Hello people! How are you doing? How is life going for y’all? I really hope everything is okay with y’all. For me, I have been pretty good. I have just been working so much harder, so as to do well in everything I am involved in. School just started and I am pretty excited because I really just want it to be over already. I have also been exercising patience in everything I am doing and I am also trusting God with everything. That is all about me, let’s get into today’s post.

If you are not sure how today’s post fits into what this blog is about, this post is a life tip. Life tips is one of the things that I will be writing about in this blog, just in case y’all did not already know. I think this blogpost is going to be really helpful, especially since school just started. For real now, let’s get into today’s post.

1. Quizlet

Quizlet is one app that I use every time for school. One of the really amazing things about Quizlet is that it can be used for almost all subjects/classes. Quizlet can be used to study or it can be used to do your homework. A lot of people use Quizlet already, so there are different things on there; like different questions and answers for different subjects, definitions of key words, and many more. Quizlet has really helped me with almost all of my homework. As a student, Quizlet is an app that is very very useful for you but you have to be careful on there, so as to not get wrong information. Although most of the things there are correct and true, some things there need to be crosschecked. In all, if you are finding it very difficult to do your assignments or to understand what you are learning in school, check out Quizlet .

2. Google Translate app

This app is a must have if you are taking a foreign language class. I can’t even count how many times I have used this app to translate different texts, passages, and readings for my Spanish class. This is the app that has helped me to do really well in all my Spanish assignments. With this free app, you can translate different languages in different ways. You can take a picture of the reading or passage you want to translate, amongst many other ways and this app translates correctly. With this app, you will be acing all your foreign language class assignments. Just try this app and you will never delete it from your phone or computer.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is probably the best that would be on my list and I am sure that a lot of students who already use this free app would affirm to this. Khan Academy is literally a life saver because you can use it for everything school related. You can use it to study for different exams, you can use it to study for your different classes/subjects, you can use it to prepare for a class that you are going to take in the future. You can use it to do your homework, you can use it to learn keywords for your different classes, and so much more. I really think Khan Academy is a necessity for every student because of how helpful it is. If you are struggling with a class, or you just need help preparing for exams, you need to download Khan Academy on your phone or computer right now. The only thing is that it is not available on Google Play but you can go to their website at to use it.


Ever since I found Socratic, I have been using it for a lot of my homework. Socratic is very helpful with doing your homework. Socratic allows you to take a picture or type in your assignment questions, and it shows you different websites that relate to the assignment question and can help you to answer the question. Socratic does not give you a particular answer to your questions but it helps you a lot in finding answers to your homework questions. I also think that students should have this app on their computers or phones because it helps you to see different ways to answer your assignment questions and it just is very very helpful no matter what grade you are in.

5. Kahoot

Kahoot is a great app for learning different things. Kahoot is also a really great app for studying and reviewing your notes. You can use Kahoot for different subjects/classes. An advantage of Kahoot is that it is very very easy to use, so you can quickly use it to review your notes before a test or an exam. Kahoot lets you create questions for different topics, so you can go over your notes this way. Kahoot is not totally free but most of the things on there are free. If you need help or are struggling with preparing for your exams or studying your notes, Kahoot would be really good for you.

In all, there are so much more free apps to use for school. I did not include note-taking apps here but you can research on that because there are a lot of free and nice note-taking apps. There are also other apps for studying and doing your homework, you just need to research and see what works best for you. Also, there are different websites that can help, maybe I will write a blogpost on this but in the mean time, you can do some research by yourself.

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