In marriages, are husband and wife supposed to be equal or should one be above the other?

Hi people! How are you all doing? This week has been a lot for me. I really have been feeling different types of emotions. I have been tired because I have been doing so much stuff but it is all good. I love everything I am doing. Also, I am really happy to finally write about today’s topic. I should have written this months ago but it is well. Anyway, let’s just get into today’s topic.

For a long time in most non-American countries, the husband has always been above the wife in the family. I think this family setting was formed due to patriarchy. The wife has always been less respected and honored by other members of the society. This family setting was also formed because of gender inequality. You would be so surprised that gender inequality exists most especially in marriages.

People argue that the man earns more, so he should be the head of the family. He has to be respected just because he is a man. Whereas, the wife is always treated like a child or even the maid in her own marriage; like, she is not supposed to work and that she needs to be in the kitchen always, just for her husband. I think people forget that the wife is human too. She should be allowed to work, and she should be given the same amount of respect as her husband.

Due to this weird traditional setting of the family, most men do not respect their wives. They literally treat their wives like a maid. They say that it is the wife’s duties to cook, and clean the house. They expect their wives to clean up after them and do everything for them. This is so wrong because both men and women are able to do these things. It is not a wife’s job or duty. Cooking is a basic skill that both men and women should have and both men and women should also be able to clean the house that they live in. The wife should not always be cleaning up after her husband because he is a grown man and should do that himself. Men really need to understand that their wives have a life of their own, and they cannot be at your beck and call every minute.

In all, for me, I think that even though the man is the head of the house, husband and wife should not be above each other in a marriage. One cannot be treated like a king, while the other is being treated like a maid. That is all for today. Bye y’all:)

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