Why do most non-Americans glorify America??

Hello my people! How have you been? How is it going with y’all? This week has been rough for me but in all, we give thanks to God and we move! I have not really been up to a lot of things. I have been reading, and preparing to go back to school. I have also been watching this series on Netflix and it is really nice, although it is kinda scary. Let’s just get into today’s topic.

To be honest, I have been wanting to write about today’s topic for a long time. I mean being a non-American who used to glorify America a lot and who moved to America because of how it’s being glorified, I sure have a lot to say/write about. Y’all are about to get premium gist!! Get your drink and your snack because you are in for a lot today:)

Firstly, the main reason why I think America is so attractive to a lot of non-Americans is because we think America is full of opportunities. It really cannot be denied that America is somewhat filled with opportunities but not really tho. If you have not been to America before, the opportunities you hear about would be free education, free healthcare, job opportunities, good security, good housing, and many other opportunities. I am sorry but this is the part where I tell y’all that most of these things are lies. America is not a land flowing with milk and honey. Nahh

There really is no free education. The only education that is free is the education before you get to college, like high school and below(mostly). Once you get to college in America, you have to pay even more than you would have paid for college in your own country. To counter this, people would say that the education in America is better. Hear me out, the education in America is not better at all. It is just that the government takes better measures regarding education, like paying their teachers regularly and giving out scholarships. To even qualify for some of these scholarships is another topic for another day. In all, America has good teachers, so does every other country. America is not really better in that aspect.

For the free healthcare, who told you so?? Healthcare ain’t free here at all, well except you have a good insurance. If you do not have insurance, which majority of people do not have, you have to pay for your own healthcare. If you see the doctor, you have to pay. To get drugs at a pharmacy, you have to pay. For surgery or any other procedure, you have to pay. I mean you would expect America to have free healthcare because it is a top country but it doesn’t. The sad news there is that a lot of people die because they cannot afford how much it costs to see the doctor. In all, it is well sha!

Honestly, you only get a good and amazing job if you schooled or are schooling in America. If not, you have to do menial jobs like security at a mall, cleaner, e.t.c. Getting a job is also not easy and somewhat stressful if you are an immigrant. Though it is not really easy to get a job, a lot of jobs actually pay well. The dollar rate is pretty high, so if you convert the money you earn in dollars to the currency used in your own country, it is a lot of money for the most part; that is a plus. Also, housing is not cheap at all. If you come here and you are not rich already or have some money at hand, you would have to squat with a friend or relative of yours at first because it costs a lot of money to rent a house. If you start working, as time goes on, money would start coming and you probably would now be able to afford rent.

One other thing I want to mention is that America is the place where you become fully aware of yourself. Like you do not become black until you get to America or you do not become Hispanic until you get to America. This basically means that America is full of different kinds of people, so you become fully aware of the fact that you are a black person or that you are brown. In your own country, it doesn’t matter if you are black, nor does it matter if you are brown but in America, it matters.

You also become fully aware of different things that you never knew could happen. Like bullying, racism, and many more. America, in short, opens your eyes. You see a lot of things and you learn a lot of things. If you are not careful, America will change you. It will change how you view things, it will impact your behavior, and many more. Although change is not a bad thing but if you’re not mindful, it can be a really bad thing.

Please note that the purpose of this post is not to shame America or hate on America. America is a nice place for the most part. There are actually some nice opportunities here, especially for children, teenagers, and young adults. America is also a good place if you want to go on a self-discovery journey. Changing scenery/location can help you to learn more about yourself. In all, do your research before moving to another country, it is very important! Also, if you are moving to America, know that you really have to be hardworking and have faith in God that your coming to America would not be in vain.

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This picture is just so pleasing to the eyes. God bless you all! Bye:)

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