Why is trusting God so important?

Hello. Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening/Good night(Just go with whichever works for you) I hope you have all had a nice week so far. If you did not have a really nice week, do not worry, there are better days coming for you and just trust that God is in charge and know that He didn’t forget you. Anyway, let’s get into today’s topic. Yayy!!(It felt so weird typing this because it felt like I was a cheerleader holding a pompom-I already told y’all that i have a weird sense of humor) Just keep reading:)

What exactly is Trust?

So, according to Google, “trusting someone means that you think they are reliable, you have confidence in them and you feel safe with them physically and emotionally”. A very simple definition of trust is having firm belief in someone or something. When you trust someone, you are able to rely on them for literally everything, and you have so much confidence in them. You do not doubt them at all because of the very very firm and strong belief you have in them. Also, as seen in the definition at the beginning, when you trust someone, you feel very safe with them because you know that no matter what, they are your person and they will take care of you. To be honest, it is really hard to trust people these days because everyone has their own character and behavior but they are still some pretty trustworthy people out there.

What does the Bible say about Trust?

Just in case you are not aware of what the Bible is, the Bible is a Holy book for Christians. Anyway, in the Bible, there are so many places where trusting God is mentioned and the Bible also mentions what we get from trusting God(ps..when something is mentioned severally in the Bible, it means that it’s very important..) I am just going to choose two Bible verses that talk about trust and then explain to y’all. The first Bible verse is

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,
whose confidence is in him.
They will be like a tree planted by the water
that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;
its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
and never fails to bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17 vs 7-8(NIV)
. This bible verse emphasizes on what happens to people who trust in God. Trusting in God brings you a lot of blessings and it puts you in a good place, meaning that you do not worry about anything. When you rely on God and have confidence in what He is able to do, then you are secured for life. You literally have nothing to worry about because you already know that God has your back.

The second Bible verse is Isiah 26 vs 3(NLT)-

“You will keep in perfect peace
    all who trust in you,
    all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”
This verse speaks on peace. It tells us that if we trust in God, He is going to bring peace into our lives. In case y’all do not understand, a peaceful mind and life is what everybody wants and is hoping for. You get that peace just by trusting in God and relying on God. You get peace of mind/ a peaceful life by having confidence in God and all His promises according to the Bible. When you have peace, you do not worry about anything, everything is going well for you and you have a great life, all these you get by putting your trust in Jesus Christ!

What I have noticed is that even for a lot of people who say they are Christians, they still do not have trust in God. They still doubt God’s powers whenever they are going through something or need something. They still do not have confidence in God and His being. A lot of people do not know this but the problem of a lot of Christians is having trust in God. A lot of people pray without trust in God and they expect their prayers to be answered when they do not have firm belief in God and are veryyyyy doubtful about God answering their prayers. How can you be doubtful about God and then ask Him for something in prayer?? I am very sure we do not ask our friends or anybody for something when we do not know or are not sure that they will do it. We only go to people we rely on to do things for us, DO THAT WITH GOD!!

In short, we all need to do better with trusting God. The thing is that God sees everything that is happening to you, He sees everything you are going through, He just wants to see that you believe that He knows about your situation. He just wants to see how much confident you are about Him coming through for you and helping you out. Trusting in God is very very important and that is what God needs from you. We all need to stop expecting things from God when we do not even have firm belief in Him, His powers, and His promises. Just stop doubting God and put full trust in Him.*drops mic* Bye🤗🤗

Photo by Catherine Augustin on Pexels.com

I am leaving y’all with this picture. I pray y’all have an amazing week ahead!

What I learned about Bible study(the Word of God)

Hi people! How is it going? I really hope it’s going great for y’all. For me, this week went by so freaking fast but thank God, I was able to do everything I wanted to do. I have not really been up to anything like that; I have been listening to music, watching YouTube and Netflix and I have also been working on getting closer to God😊😊. Anyway, I really hope and pray you learn something from today’s blog post. Let’s go on!

For a really long time, I struggled with Bible study. I never knew what to read in the Bible or where to start. I used to use devotionals on the Bible app on my phone but it was just not working for me. I felt really bad about this because I am always telling people to do Bible study and all but I was not doing it. I felt like a liar, kind of. It felt like I was cheating people in a way. I was just in a bad place. Anyway, things changed or should I say, things have changed. God saw I was struggling and He spoke to me and He told me what to do.

Let me just say that God is so great! God asked me why I did not ask Him for help if I was struggling so much. This really just turned things around because it made me realize how a lot of us are like that. When we are in trouble or in the midst of a problem, we forget that we have God. We get carried away by our problems and we do not remember to ask God for help. Please don’t let this be the case for you.

So, I asked God for help and He helped me. He told me that why don’t I just study my Bible directly and do away with devotionals if they are not helping. God just told me how to solve my problem but I was still struggling. I was still struggling with where to start reading from in the Bible. I asked God for help again and He told me to go to another Christian for help. I went to @lanumilois on Instagram and asked her about where I should start reading from in the Bible.

Going to her really opened my eyes. She made me understand that I was going about the whole thing the wrong way. At this point let me say that, my goal was and had been to read every book in the Bible. While this is not a bad thing, Sister Lanumi helped me to understand that this should not be my goal. My goal and every other Christian’s goal should be to know God through his Word according to Sister Lanumi.

In all, what I learned is that we should not be too focused on reading the whole Bible because if we do that, we would not focus on what the Bible truly is for. The Bible contains the Word of God and the Word of God is God Himself according to John chapter 1, verse 1-5. Our focus when studying the Bible should be to know God. To understand who He is and understand everything about Him. The Bible has so much things that we need to know about as Christians, hence why it is very important to read the Bible. Also, you should not just read your Bible because you are being forced to, be intentional about it, knowing that as you are reading , you will be discovering more things about the Word and the purpose of the Word.

On the question of where to start reading from in the Bible. That is why we have the Holy Spirit, ask the Holy spirit for help. The Holy Spirit was sent by God to help you. Ask Him for guidance and He will answer you. Also, pray to God and communicate with Him. Talk to Him about whatever questions you have and He will surely answer you. God should always be the first person you go to before you start worrying about anything. I pray that God helps us to see that He is always here for us in Jesus name. Amen!

Photo by Wendy van Zyl on Pexels.com

I am going to leave y’all with a picture of the Bible today because Bible study is very very important and you need to do it often as well. I pray God helps us in Jesus name. Amen! Bye:)

A clash of identities: The African and The African-American

A statement you will probably hear quite a lot is, “there is a difference between African born in Africa and African born in America”. Truly, there is but that is not quite what I want to talk about; I want to talk about the African from Africa and the African who immigrated to America. I would say that these are two different identities that can either clash or blend well together. More often than not, they would clash and that’s what a lot of immigrant African children have to deal with. The identity of where you are coming from and the identity of where you are now. Which do you associate with, the “ghost” of the past or the aliveness of the present?

This issue of clash in identities is unfortunately not spoken about a lot but it is something we experience and go through on a daily basis. I remember when I first came to America, there was unfamiliarity in the American culture, and that fear in new and unfamiliar beginnings. There was that need to stick to what you know, where you are from, how you were brought up. While that isn’t a bad thing, what about evolution and growth, I thought. I surely can’t remain stagnant in my ways or else how would growth come? Then, I moved into the stage where there was a confusion between the burning need to hold onto my Africanness so as to avoid claims of being whitewashed and that strong desire to assimilate and be like my other American classmates. Now, I am at a stage where I am indeed recognizing this clash in identities.

I know you might be thinking, why not be both? Why must there be a clash? I truly don’t know, there just is. I wasn’t born in the American culture, so I am not used to it, therefore, I have to learn and get used to it but how do I do that when I am all covered up in the richness of my African culture, fortified by food we eat with our hands, clothes adorned with color and beads, tales passed down from grandfathers and grandmothers? Do I divide myself? How do I make these two identities intertwine without me being torn into several pieces?

The African identity as it is vivid to me is the familiarity between my neighbors and me, how everyone on my street knows one another too well, the games we play in school while gossiping loudly, loud voices of our school teachers, and market days where I am too excited to see the harshness of that reality. In slight maybe nonexistent contrast, the African American identity as it is vivid to me is Malcolm X, Juneteenth, understanding of black history, identity, joys, struggles, standing out amongst others in school, being celebrated and hated without remorse, hearing the n word and not knowing what to think about it, and the desire to achieve the best so as not to disgrace the efforts of MLK, and many others. That is how it roams in my head and how I see it.

I believe this issue, although very general, is extremely individualistic. It differs from individual to individual but what you have read is what is true to me.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are doing ok:)

**love from this corner always.

restless(a poem)

i want to go back to the days when breathing wasn’t so hard for me

when fear wasn’t the constant thing on my mind

when my head wasn’t a like a wall full of writings and imprints

when i felt even the littlest of peace

when my heart was calm and full of tranquility;

those days when sleep wasn’t the hardest thing

when life wasn’t a constant punch in the face

when i didn’t have to roll all around the bed, trying to find sleep

those days when i wasn’t restless,

and endlessly searching for stillness.

hiiiiiii:)) how are you doing?! I really hope you are doing okay!

For me, I am pretty alright. Just counting down to summer;)

byee and thank you for reading!

*don’t forget that it’s okay to ask for help. love you:)

A bird( a poem)

there’s a bird in my ear

singing lullabies and echoing sweet melodies

pulling and pushing me in and out of the state of stillness

closely watching me as I slip in and out of nothingness

as I transcend and become all I imagine I will be.

there’s a bird in my ear

slowly singing and humming peaceful haikus in my ears

turning those beautiful sweetnesses into bitter truths

pushing deep and plunging me further and further

into the life in which I peacefully withdraw to,

into the world, where I am nothing but pieces of skin and flesh.

hi all:)) how are you doing?! I really really hope you are doing okay!

As for me, I am pretty good. I am just so thankful to God for all He does. I just wanted to write something, and that’s what you are seeing in this post.

byee. thanks for reading.

*please don’t forget that God loves you forever!

Some intriguing book quotes..

hi! How are you doing? I really hope all is well with you!

For me, I am pretty good. It’s been quite busy but I am pushing through with God’s help.

In today’s post, I am just going to share with you some of intriguing book quotes from some books I have read this year! I am not going to provide explanations at all, I just want you guys to see them.

Okay, here they are;

1)”..the only time when I heard people talk about depression was when they were using it as a synonym for sadness, and so I never thought of it as a disease..”

2)”All of this work trying to get to the bottom of the thing that had no bottom: he relapsed just fourteen hours after leaving rehab.”

3)”A hectic painting on what was once a pure white canvas.”

4)”Maybe we slip in and out of alternate worlds through our minds and our imaginations, picking up scar tissue from other dimensions.”

5)”I put my head down, suddenly tired. I know I should say something to make her feel better, but I can’t manage it. In fact, I’m angry at her. Shouldn’t she be able to take care of us? Isn’t that what adults are supposed to do? Take care of their kids? Shield them from stuff? Pay bills?”

6)”I don’t know if you are happy, I never asked.”

7)”Our hands empty except for our hands.”

8)”He grabbed my shoulders and spun me to face him..”look at me when I’m talking to you.”..He was only nine but had already mastered the dialect of damaged American fathers.”

yeah. that’s about it. Let me know which quote is more intriguing to you.

thanks for reading..